Friday, September 08, 2000

Feeling alot better now. Wish I could've stayed longer though.. :(
Anyway, I bought all this new lip gloss yesterday, so now I'm admiring it and being happy again. The only thing that's marring my mood is kumon and Chinese tution; I just want to veg out in front of the computer all day. Yuan's trying to whack me with a tennis racket right now. He's my little brother. I'll let him say something now:
tkytgjhtjhyrkhgnrhgrhnyrhf rdtgt hhndfgehyerhtrbgfrdhtgbtgedbrgtehrgnhtyuktyhtnhtjhyrfgjhrgtjghdfhjmtjghftrjnhthgrfjyhfjhryjtfghjyhgfjhtfhgrtytjfjhfjyrtfjuftrfyj bye
ROTFL. Not very intelligent, is he? *grin*
Awww, this is sad.. Sharon's sad because she misses Sheng. I'm trying to sympathize, but I really can't think of anything sympathetic to say.. :( You know, all the good couples this year have all broken up because people left, and all the other good couples broke up because of misunderstandings. It's sad how relationships don't work out. Ya know, there's never been a perfect relationship in CIS before.. no relationships are absolutely perfect. *sigh* Makes you depressed, doesn't it? Like, Clara and Ivan.. Ivan's all depressed in his info (and he wrote this really beautiful little piece of writing for Clara, which is just the sweetest thing in the world.) and Clara just had to leave.. *sigh* What's with people these days?
The world's changing as we know it. People are becoming more liberal, more outspoken, more creative. Society is changing. Everything changes.
Sorry, I didn't mean to write a meaningful long boring blog or anything, I just felt like it.. wait a second..

laughter; uncontrol-
lable waves of smiles born in
beautiful friendship.

Yugh, it sounds like something from the cover of a japanese notebook. ROTFL.
Oh well. It's supposed to be a haiku, but it's not really working.
Vincent's so adorable. Later.

DAMMIT. I'm so mad now. Well, actually, I've cooled down a bit.. but i was mad a while before. Well, AFTER Dad picked me up, I told him that we were doing karaoke and HAVING FUN and NOT loitering around in Causeway Bay (according to him, all teenagers do is loiter. Right.) and he said that if he had knew that he'd let me stay until 11:30 or something. I was like, WHAAATTT?! DAMMIT. I HATE IT. What's wrong with loitering, anyway? I'm so MAD now I want to CRY. Don't people get any FREEDOM? What happened to personal RIGHTS? If he was too lazy to pick me up I could've taken a taxi home or something, anyway. *runs out of words to express her anger* I'm like throwing tantrums right now and Dad's all "serves you right for not telling me what you were doing" and mom's all "LOL." and I'm just MAD. Stupid Dad. Duh, what's wrong with hanging around? The point is to HAVE FUN! Geez. I didn't even spend that much money! Okay, now I'm getting myself all worked up again.. DAMMIT.

Writer soothing anger
Restrained. Loving peaceful
thoughts are all sustained.
Rage undefined
Defines the meaning of
Silent worlds, leaving
Tortured carcasses warped by
The setting sun.

*rolls eyes* I hate the way my Dad thinks sometimes. Like, he's always the nagger; criticizer, and skeptic. You know. I hate it. Ugh.
This is the stupidest thing in the world.
Okay.. I feel a little better now.
But SERIOUSLY. *goes off to sulk* It's not doing much good.

Thursday, September 07, 2000

I'm so frustrated. I hate all this damn homework.
I'm not motivated whatsoever, and so I kinda just hang around
for 2 hours or so before I start homework, and it's turning out to be not
such a good idea. And then after dinner, I decide I'll start homework...
and then suddenly my eyes wander to the main culprit.

This damned computer.

Heh. Well anyway, as you can see I probably would be better off not doing this
kinda thing right now...:P But I can't help it! I have I-am-a-web-geekess-itis! And
it's uncurable, contagious and horribly painful (the consequences!)....There is a vaccine
for it though, and it's to live like a caveman. ;) Anyhooooo...I like this blogger thing cuz
you don't have to log in everytime. I mean, what's the point of a cookie if it won't remember
it like this? :D Other cookies are totally useless to the user, just beneficial for the provider.
"Oh, it'll help us get information about you to make a better service.." Bullshit. If they had
any intentions of improving their service for starters they could make things more efficient with things
that benefitted us as well. Ahh, intent on arguing on that one. Ah...why do I keep
ranting on and on? Better shut up now....damned physics. I mean, who needs to learn about how
things move?! No one in their right mind would care...


I crave substance.
*munches on tasty donut*

Kudos to Andrea for doing the great tables and everything! *kudos*
It's Thursday afternoon. *yawn* More like night, actually. Hectic hectic hectic. Tons of homework. Yucky physics. Ugh.

Sheltered feelings, wondrous
Rays of moonlight slivers
Reflected daily enveloped by
Sun. Shining brightly caressing
Bodies with starlit
Beams. Clouds hover
gently singing

Uhh.. just another stab at poetry. =)

Listening to Bon Jovi's One Wild Night. Makes you just wanna sing along.

"Life is for the living so you gotta live it up.. yada."

Played Diablo II with Jason & Lemo earlier.. leveled up one, tried Blood Raven, and failed miserably. Ugh. You know what? I have this thing about black birds. There's just something about a crow or raven that seems.. Unreal. I like ravens.

Speaking of ravens, i've totally abandoned my FF8 fic. Don't think I'll see anymore of that soon. However, with my new obsession with FF7, I'll probably write a fic on that or something. Hmph.



Wednesday, September 06, 2000

Wheedly wheedly whee. I'm trying to fix everything....hectic mayhem!


And I realized I haven't done my geo yet..and there's tons.....GAAAAAAH!!! *stab*

I'm tired. I've been sitting here for a while, listening to yada, lounging around. Nothing. I'm bored. This isn't very interesting to read, I know. I'm still trying to sort this out. Uhh, later, mmkay? Hmm, I'll have to find out a way to change that Kai Ting Andrea thing. Mwa. We need some sort of layout. Oh, in case you didn't know, this is Kai now.. And yeah, I'm still sorting this out, so don't get mad at me for having a template layout, yeah? Good. :D

In the meantime, (if someone ever chances here), go to:

boobie's Andrea's, and exist's mine. :D